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Carl Browne asks “Where are the jobs?”

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Published 28 March 2018

Buckie Got It, St. Kitts and Nevis News Source

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Carl Browne asks “Where are the jobs?”

Basseterre, St. Kitts, March 28, 2018 – A recent caller to WINNFM “Voices” programme, Carl Browne, is challenging statements by Prime Minister of Dr. Timothy Harris, that there are jobs, jobs, jobs and locals are not taking them up.

“Just last week, I sent some people to the Labour Department. Persons call me and they ask me, if I ‘know where jobs are.’ I sent them to the Labour Department and for many weeks, I sent them to the Labour Department. The Labour Department is still telling them they are going to call them,

And then, they are saying ‘Kittitians do not want no work.’ ‘Nevisians do not want to work.’ That is not true. When you walk the streets of Basseterre and the streets of Charlestown, people are asking me ‘Mr. you can please tell me where I could find a job.., you know anybody who has a vacancy,” Browne told listeners.

He disclosed that he was recently in Camps, when a lady asked him ‘Lawd Mr., I have been trying to find a job since last year.’ I ask her if she has been to the Labour Department and she said all they telling her is ‘they are going to call me. I tired call them, I tired go there and I just gave up,” said Browne.

“She said she has been ‘walking up and down and going from business to business looking a job’ as she needs to feed her children,” said Browne, who added: “When they say young people do not want jobs, that is not true.. Not true at all.”


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